When I became a Freelance Writer, I didn’t know what kind of writing I wanted to do. All I knew was that I wanted to write. My clients would ask me if I provided services for SEO content, updating LinkedIn profiles, and several other creative tasks. To see my full list of services, take a peek below.

Blog Article Writing

Whenever I write a blog article, I know how to weave in the SEO keywords that make the topic easier for people to find on the internet. 

Website Copywriting

Copywriting, especially for start-up companies, is my other love because I’m always learning while I research and write posts about diverse topics.

Resume Writing

While I create career documents for clients who are in various stages of their lives, my focus is to help college graduates create a resume that emphasizes their skills and recognizes their success as a student.

Copy Editing

Are you looking for a second pair of eyes to see if your writing flows and connects with the reader? Do you want to make sure that all of the grammar and punctuation is correct? Look no further! I will thoroughly edit your content and return it to you promptly. 

Social Media Posts

Do you need to connect with your target audience? Do you want to make them feel valued by your company and that you’re speaking directly to them? Writing social media posts is what will increase your online presence and add personality to your brand.

Product Description Writing

Product Descriptions are fun to write. I enjoy writing them because I can add flair and personality to the items so that your customers eat them up. 

One-on-One Resume Coaching Sessions

In this 1-hour session, I’ll show you how to interpret job descriptions and modify your resume to include the skills and keywords in those particular job posts. This will help your resume pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with flying colors. 

Interested in working with me or want to get more information? Schedule a time to chat with me! 


Sabrina is great at writing my resume. She has a good heart and really takescare of all the needs of her clients. She does extensive researchbefore putting down things together and is well prepared withsolution to problems. I definitely recommend her to anyonelooking for a great writer, I can assure she is one of the best.

– Amruta Birar, Resume Client